Friday, August 7, 2009


the color of purity.
the color of the white in your eyes.
the color of every color
that is reflected by a non absorbing surface.
white is the color of infinity
the color of nothing.
white is the color of possibilities.
the possibilities an artist creates on the white canvas
the writer creates on the blank lines.
for me the moment is white and it gets colored,
when I absorb some of the happenings.
just like when white light gets through a prism.
sometimes I absorb the red and the yellow
but instead of leaving the green and the purple
it's the red and the yellow that indicates the moment.


  1. very nice andpoetic

  2. hmm i love white dresses I have a maxi just sitting in my wardrobe waiting for summer

  3. ah. white. the abscence of colour. love this!