Monday, August 17, 2009

Get-in light for the sunshine

Can't stop listening to this track from Ginger Ninja - whom I saw at the Roskilde festival 2009.

found this editorial at tfs from the greek marie claire. the shots are by Thanasis Krikis, and I think the whole thing is amazing. her bracelet, the dresses, the pearls on her trousers.. and the little angel with a handbag.


  1. some of these shots are great. i love the orange dress

  2. These shots are great,
    thanks for posting!

    -N + K

  3. pretty pretty pretty.
    pretty hair.
    pretty everything.
    that orange dress in the second picture...

  4. gorgeous editorial. love the styling and the awesome hair styling! xx

  5. Oh wow. This is an incredible editorial. The hair styling, make up, location, as well as what she's wearing sums up the whole theme of the editorial!