Monday, July 6, 2009

i'm a student and home from the festival

yesterday I came home from the Roskilde Festival '09.
namedropping: peter doherty, kanye west, coldplay, pet shop boys
lucy love, oasis, trentemøller, håkan hellström, lily allen etc. etc.
one week of partying, amazing music performances and a hell lot of beer.
plus all the partying after graduating. omg.

anyhow. i'm heading to thailand tomorrow,
and everything is going so fast,
i feel like my mind can't follow the day of 24 hours.
a little stream of pictures that shows my last two weeks.

my camera got stolen at the festival.
why can't people just be a little friendly and sweet.
anyhow. that's why non of the festival photos are mine,
but i'll get my sister to shoot some photos in thailandooo.
i'm leaving on an airplane in under 10 hours.

have the best holiday, and bye for now.


  1. looks like you've been having fun! have a great time in thailand xoox

  2. WOW, that looked like it was a good time. :D
    Have fun in Thailand! I can't wait to see pictures!
    When you get back, or whenever you read this, would you like to exchange links? I love your blog!

  3. oh stolen camera :(

    but it looks amazing! have fuun in thailand & stay safe dear.

  4. great photos adn I love your sailor hat..have a great time in thailand

  5. do you have clothes you want to sell?
    but dont want to make pesky accounts and use ebay?
    You can sell and shop here!

    Yours to Keeep

  6. is that lupe fiasco?
    if so i adore him!
    great blog :)

  7. Hi :)
    Tereza: thanks :) it's actually the hat you get when you graduate here in Denmark - I've never seen it as a sailor hat, but now I can see the similarities :)

    Arielle: if you meen the yellow-ish picture, then it's Kanye West. But I really like Lupe Fiasco too.

    xx, Caroline

  8. I want that hat! So kooky and cool (plus, I can see this as the beginning of a new trend) x

  9. that hat is gorgeous.
    i well want one now!
    its a shame your camera got stolen, i'm sure you'll save up for an even cooler one! :)
    have a nice summer, gorgeous blog too. xoxo

  10. OMG. looks amazing. i am so jealous i want to be there!

  11. Lucky!! That looks so awesome and fun :D

    xox, mavi