Monday, May 11, 2009


yay, finally I got my 1st of May pictures on my computer. The weather was lovely and the sky was blue and the sun made my shoulders turn red. We drank a lot of beer, peed in a lot of bushes and just had a good time before the exams. This was just the kind of day you'll remember for a long time. Afterwards we ate pizza (the pizza man forgot to charge us, so we kinda got it for free). After pizza we went to see the big band at our school, the so called big band ball (can't remember if I've mentioned this). It's a very old school/fashion thing, where the guys ask the girls if they want to dance. It was such a great time.. afterparty afterwards. What a day - loved it. Here are some of the pictures.. more interesting than my stream of words :)


I'm the one in the pink/brown printed dress.. and the other lovelies are my friends.. from school..

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  1. thank you for your comment! you have a lovely blog.. i'm definitely going to follow it! =]