Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Santa Easter Bunny Mom

.. I've reached a state where nothing in my closet seems right. Nothing feels good to wear and every piece of clothes have that winter-depressing-something-I-can't-explain attached to it.. I want everything I don't have and I really need to spent my money carefully this spring (because I have like - nothing to spent). arrrgh. well. my absolute cravings

Early Spring

I know some of it is last year and blah bla blah.. (I'm secretly wishing I can find some of it to a reasonable price on ebay, trendsales etc. etc.) .. (why is the quality so bad?)

Good night :)

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  1. LOL I so know that feeling when you have so many clothes in your wardrobe but all of it just feels like a bore. Time to get some inspiration ;)
    Thanks for your comment! Damn the shredded shirt really takes it outta you eh, so much time for one DIY!
    Want to swap links?
    xx Jessie